“We are committed to becoming a crypto bank for 7 billion people.”

Digital banks are hitting the market, banks that allow you to open accounts, take out loans or send money in just minutes. But how does it work? We interviewed the CEO of PointPay to understand how your first crypto bank will try to challenge the traditional financial system.

Q: Tell us about the PointPay ecosystem. What projects does it include and what services does it provide? Who are your main customers?

A: PointPay is a full service provider in the cryptocurrency market. Launched in 2018, PointPay already has more than one million active users worldwide. We seek to help people from all walks of life access the financial tools they need to build a better future.

Our main products are a blockchain-based bank, an exchange platform, a cryptocurrency wallet and a payment system. We offer a diverse range of services that allow you to buy and sell digital assets, take out cryptocurrency loans, store your holdings securely, earn passive income on your holdings, and more.

Our goal is to provide a full range of services in one place. We have developed many innovative products, such as Launchboard, Escrow and HR Talent:

  • PointPay Launchboard offers investors the opportunity to be among the first to invest in promising cryptocurrency projects. Our goal is to support the crypto-economy by offering our clients priority access to quality emerging projects.
  • PointPay’s Escrow Platform is a service that helps protect buyers and sellers in transactions. We act as an intermediary to ensure successful transactions by keeping the buyer’s money safe in an escrow account.
  • PointPay Talent Platform – is a platform that connects employers with remote professionals. The Talent Platform is our solution for finding and attracting top talent worldwide.

Q: Your company provides cryptocurrency banking services. What functions are already available? Tell us more.

A: PointPay, a blockchain-based bank, allows users to earn interest on 32 of the most popular digital assets by simply funding a savings account. We offer a transparent and simple interest rate that allows anyone to earn APY on their assets.

Additionally, PointPay customers can borrow and lend seven popular cryptocurrencies with USDT as collateral. Cryptoloans do not require credit checks because digital assets serve as collateral for transactions. We offer the lowest interest rates on cryptocurrency loans – users can borrow assets from us at 0.012% per day. We plan to launch crypto debit cards, allowing users to make online and in-store purchases with the same ease as with a traditional debit card.

Q: What encryption processing options do you offer? How do you work with accounts? Can a large company organize cryptocurrency acceptance using your solutions?

A: Several months ago, we introduced the unified balance system. Now users have two accounts in the PointPay system – Regular and Savings. Regular accounts can be used to perform all transactions, such as trading on the stock exchange, buying or selling crypto, etc. A savings account serves as an interest-bearing account. It is suitable for holding your funds as you can only transfer funds 3 times per month; otherwise, you will not earn interest on your funds.

The PointPay payment system allows customers to buy and sell digital assets with a bank card for fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP and others. You can easily buy or sell assets using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, etc. We support over 50 major fiat currencies through our extensive network of payment providers.

We plan to introduce recurring payments for individual customers and businesses so that they can accept recurring payments from customers.

Q: What revenue opportunities for regular users (staking, trading) does your platform offer?

A: In addition to savings accounts, we offer a staking program that allows you to earn passive income. The program offers an easy way to earn passive income by locking up PXP tokens in your personal wallet. Users can lock their tokens for 3, 6 or 12 months to receive rewards on a sliding scale – the more tokens they invest, the higher their return will be at the end of the period.

We are constantly adding new ways for customers to earn rewards. For example, our new Launchboard service allows PXP token holders to vote on projects that want to be listed on our platform. In return, token holders will receive project tokens.

Our users can take advantage of our cryptocurrency exchange to grow their portfolios. We provide three types of interfaces: Classic, Advanced and Quick Exchange. The Classic and Advanced versions are for experienced customers, while Quick Exchange offers simplified exchange functionality. We also offer some of the lowest trading and withdrawal fees in the market.

Q: TTell us more about your token. How is it used in the ecosystem?

A: PXP is a utility token that allows our customers to utilize all the benefits of our PointPay ecosystem.

As the owner of the token, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced Maker/Taker fees, depending on the number of tokens you hold;
  • Earn passive income on savings accounts and staking;
  • Commission-free instant transfers within the PointPay ecosystem;
  • Access promising innovative projects on the Launchboard platform and much more!

We are constantly working to expand benefits and bonuses for our token holders.

Q: Tell us about the company’s plans for the next 3-5 years.

A: We are committed to becoming a crypto bank for 7 billion people. We plan to attract investors, traders and everyday users by creating an ecosystem of complex solutions. We always follow cryptocurrency trends to offer the most relevant and in-demand products. Soon we plan to launch several new solutions such as margin trading, recurring payments, ACH transfers and much more.

Within three to five years, we aim to build the first ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that will provide our users with all the services they may need in one place. We are striving to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency service provider.