The game breathes new life into digital assets by hatching living blockchain characters on Binance NFT

Pokemon has grown in popularity for allowing players to log in, Tamagotchi for its ability to take care of digital pets, and CryptoKitties for their ability to earn on the blockchain. While Pokemon and Tamagotchi shaped the lives of kids in the ’90s, many quickly abandoned their creatures online growing up and taking jobs. CryptoKitties then sought to address income concerns by building their digital kittens with a unique genetic code with the ERC-721 (NFT) protocol.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have brought a new kind of revolution, allowing players and collectors to earn real money through their online participation in the community. Each asset was completely unique and secured ownership thanks to the transparent nature of the blockchain. While CryptoKitties took collecting to new heights, the game was static, leaving users with little more than a really nice .png or .gif.

Krytomon’s mission is to bring NFTs to life, taking the best of Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and CryptoKitties into the next evolutionary stage of crypto games using advanced blockchain technologies, digital genetics, and location-based technologies. A Kryptomon is a unique digital creature linked to an NFT with a unique genetic code. Kryptomons takes the concept of NFTs a step further, as creatures are alive and require healing in addition to being fed, cared for, and trained to make them stronger.

Kryptomon has since worked with Binance NFT, the official NFT marketplace for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, to unveil an exclusive sale of 2,000 Kryptomon eggs just for Binance users. The Kryptomon team sees this collaboration as their first step onto the global stage, bringing the project to the attention of NFT players and collecting communities.

The eggs hatch

Before Trainers can enter Kryptomon’s world, they must get their hands on an egg. Currently, there are only 6,200 eggs in circulation and 75,000 players interested in participating, a value based on the number of KMON token holders. As it stands, the demand for these assets far exceeds the supply. This is where the exclusive sale on Binance comes in.

Users will now have a short 12-hour window to purchase special Mystery Boxes on the Binance NFT marketplace starting November 8 at 12:00 UTC. The Mystery Boxes will each contain a Kryptomon Egg priced at 95 BUSD, a seemingly affordable price. , given that the secondary market resale value is estimated by the team at $ 325 per egg (at time of writing).

Further adding to the mystery of the sale, attendees have the chance to discover a Kryptomon egg from an earlier generation when they open their mystery box. The team even reports that one of those mystery box holders will win a Kryptomon Gen 0 egg, only one of 100 to have ever existed in the game. Given the rarity of every Kryptomon Gen 0, a recent sale of such a rare commodity was made at 54 BNB, and a recent sale of a mega-rare Legendary Gen 0 egg was sold for 72.45 BNB (or around $ 47,500) in the second-hand market. . An opportunity to tap into a user’s childhood and invest early in a new NFT project.

In what is said to be an added bonus, the owner of this rare item will also have the opportunity to join the founders of Project Kryptomon in one of their Founders Talks sessions, an AMA session facilitated by team members to get together. connect to the larger community.

More information about Kryptomon here

Hosting the exclusive event on the Binance NFT Marketplace opens the market for artists, enthusiasts, creators, and collectors with increased liquidity and minimal fees. With Premium events and a marketplace, Binance NFT enables accessible trading for all users.

Asked about this new partnership, Amit Peled, strategic director of Kryptomon, said:

“We are excited to collaborate with Binance NFT as they are the primary platform to collaborate with within the crypto space. We hope this collaboration will provide significant value to our users and to Binance users. This offering is unique. because we have never had a sale of this magnitude and at this price, but we believe this offering is important, it will position us as one of the main NFT projects within the crypto gaming ecosystem.

A breath of new life

This exclusive sale is just one step in the game to bring a new experience to NFTs. The Kryptomon team also announced the launch of version 2.0 of their game, which will offer players the option to explore the metaverse and the physical world with their Kryptomon or to fight and reproduce it. In addition, the launch of their Android and iOS games will allow trainers to tackle more creatures around them and participate in various adventures with their Kryptomon, thus making any Pok̩mon fan dream of becoming a real trainer for one. living reality Рthanks to the game of Kryptomon Рand win game mechanics.

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