Offering Valuable Digital Assets: Ape Gorilla NFT Project

The Ape Gorilla Club NFT (non-fungible token) is another foray into the world of NFTs, but their added value is unique and impressive. Their NFTs represent strength, culture, and unity. The 11,337 tokens are ready to be launched, offering 11,337 chances to become part of the Ape Gorilla Club (AGC) family. This family, despite its goals of making money, helps its members learn business and understand Blockchain technology, as well as support them when they are in financial crisis.

Free academic consultation and course on Web 3.0 and Blockchain technology is one of the fruitful options available to members to learn the technology of the Blockchain space. Members also have access to business support software, gamification for marketing, and networking opportunities. In addition, they have access to consulting services in technology, marketing and Web 3.0. AGC hopes to build a community of like-minded, forward-looking individuals eager to act morally and spread good in the world.

Ape Gorilla has implemented the “Gorilla Fund“, a program similar to Go Fund Me that uses cryptocurrency, including more than 20% of AGC NFT’s public sales in Ape Gorilla Club’s fund itself, to support the journey of people trying to make positive changes in the world. The Ape Gorilla Club will award up to $100,000 to people and businesses they believe in, provided the project proposal helps others or positively impacts a community. can’t spell community without “unity”.

Ape Gorilla has also launched and offers “GorillaBuild.comwhich offers members additional resources to boost their online presence with websites, sales funnels, Ecom stores, CRM, and email marketing campaign builders. The Ape Gorilla Club team will also provide guidance to help you build your websites, sales funnels, marketing campaigns, and set up appointment scheduling systems, among other capabilities. In addition, they also offer a Whitelabel solution of and show the community that they can also run their own SaaS business. Ape Gorilla Club is actively developing games based on Unreal-Engine to provide future gaming capabilities to win for their community. AGC’s goal is to create an upcoming MMORPG game using the Unreal Engine and the Atavism Online MMO Building platform that will allow members to build with the AGC team and create an interactive online story .

How is the Kingdom of Bhutan involved in the Ape Gorilla NFT project? The answer is simple. Co-founder Leona Choden Wangchuk has been best friends for over 12 years since high school with Ape Gorilla founder Silvan Schwarz. Dasho Leon Rabten is Leona’s father in which they both share the mission of improving the happiness of the citizens of his country. Both Leona and Leon started a non-profit “Happy Gorilla” Community Based Organization (CBO) in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Ape Gorilla co-founders Dasho Leon Rabten and Leona Choden Wangchuk also serve Bhutan as Desuup, “Keepers of Peace”, which involves sacrificing one’s own personal gains for the benefit of others. This is something that Ape Gorilla supports in its long term mission.

How are the Ape Gorilla co-founders related to royalty? The grandmother of Leona Choden Wangchuk and mother of Dasho Leon Rabten is His Royal Highness Ashi Pema Choden Wangchuck, who is the daughter of the 2nd King of Bhutan, His Royal Highness King Jigme Wangchuck. A little-known fact is that the “Happiness Index” adopted by the United Nations in 2016 was originally created in 1972 by the 2nd King of Bhutan, His Royal Highness King Jigme Wangchuck. Ape Gorilla does his best to incorporate these values ​​into his project and give back to his community and those who want to have a positive impact.

The Ape Gorilla NFT Project and the Kingdom of Bhutan’s “Happy Gorilla” CBO are on a mission to increase Bhutan’s Happiness Index, a measure of the satisfaction of the country’s citizens and the country’s infrastructure. The collaboration helps fund education and jobs with the aim of positively affecting over 200,000 people in Bhutan over the next few years. The CBO aims to help with youth education, development and agriculture. Ape Gorilla Club also features the people of Bhutan with influencers for further assistance. Clearly, Ape Gorilla Club is a company whose human kindness and morality are tied to NFT trading. To learn more, check out this initiative on instagram and Twitter. Information on buying and minting Ape Gorilla NFTs can be found on their website at Become an official member of the Ape Gorilla Club Discord server!