My Digital Money Will Drop Graphic Novel NFTs To Bitcoin 2022

CryptoIRA Platform Offers Asian Mythology NFTs Aswang and $50 to Miami conference in april

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cryptocurrency Trading Company My digital money (MDM) announced an exclusive NFT drop of Aswangthe first NFT graphic novel centered around Asian mythological creatures, at Bitcoin 2022. This announcement is coupled with waived setup fees and $50 cash for all new accounts opened and funded with $1000 at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami this April.

MDM will offer new customers hundreds of original and exclusive NFTs, worth 0.5 Ethereum each. Digital art was created by MDM Marketing Manager Fairlane Raymundo and inspired by the characters from Asian mythology who appear in his NFT-based metacomic Aswang.

“We are thrilled to connect with other crypto enthusiasts and be able to support the launch of the first graphic novel in NFT,” says MDM President Guy Gotslak. “This is the first metacomic centered around Asian mythology. The value will appreciate over time, and it will add value to our clients’ investment portfolios. We’ve helped thousands of people get into crypto by teaching them how to invest wisely, and the conference will only expand our community.”

“Other comic book series have been modernized into mainstream movies and TV shows and are now worth millions,” says Raymundo. “With this metacomic’s strong narrative and focus on AAPI culture, mythology, and art, it has the potential to bring huge returns on an NFT investment.”

MDM will be represented at Booth #1209 at the Bitcoin 2022 Miami Beach Conference on April 6-9, expected to be the biggest Bitcoin event in history. Conference attendees must stop by to collect free giveaways and scan the QR code to redeem their reward.

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Aswang is the world’s first NFT graphic novel series based on Asian mythology. Created by an LA-based artist Fairlane Raymundo, the series features Asian monsters that are terrible for being monsters. They were disowned by their elite clans. Hungry, homeless and desperate, they enroll in superhero school. This is where their adventure begins. Consult the collection here.

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