Feed System Launches Banking Services Subsidiary, Noe Crypto Bank

NOE CRYPTO BANK from FEED SYSTEM is a new banking services subsidiary that brings unique solutions for managing financial transactions within the FEED SYSTEM application

As part of their development, FEED SYSTEM has been working for several months on the possibility of creating a banking tool capable of meeting the needs of cryptocurrency holders, capable of initiating neophytes and also of providing the necessary solutions for managing transactions. within the FEED Application SYSTEM. Finally, the solution in the form of NOE CRYPTO BANK will be launched in 2022.

Many functionalities within the FEED SYSTEM application will require payments, transactions, staking solutions and the implementation of a gateway was essential to offer our customers a complete and efficient tool that manages credit card transactions. , cryptocurrency and SEPA transfer. The main problem to be solved was mainly the reconciliation of FIAT and CRYPTO ecosystems in a single tool.

After several months of development and research, they finally announced the launch of NOE CRYPTO BANK, one of the first crypto banks of its generation. Customers will be able to create an account in 5 minutes, pass KYC in no time and can instantly generate a European IBAN in the app allowing them to receive and send funds in SEPA format.

Many features will be offered such as the ability to buy or trade cryptocurrencies, staking of tokens and cryptos, use of a very advanced AI market prediction tool, etc.

Speaking to the media, Hedi Mesme, Chief Commercial Officer and Partner, said, “Rising utility was imperative for us as we strongly believe in the adoption and potential of cryptocurrencies in the global financial ecosystem. , that’s why we will offer our users the possibility to spend their FIAT or CRYPTO assets using a VISA debit card which will be compatible with the mobile wallet system and also allow users to generate their own virtual card in their secure space .

A native token has been created ($NOE), this token is the flagship of the project with a deflationary tokenomics which will be a central player in the daily management of transaction fees. This token will also enter, like more than 50 cryptocurrencies, into the VISA program and will allow holders of this token to be able to spend it in more than 180 countries, wherever the VISA debit card is accepted.

They will launch the crypto bank on iOs, Android and desktop in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

The $NOE token is now redeemable on poocoin and pancakeswap.

An IEO is planned on one of the top 20 exchanges in April 2022.

To learn more, visit www.noecryptobank.com and follow them on Twitter @noecryptobank and join their Telegram channel at https://t.me/noecryptobankchat

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