Dubai’s ColossalBit and Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) Launch World’s First NFT Linked to Unique Food, Wine and Artistic Experience | AFN News

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Dubai’s ColossalBit and Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) launch the world’s first NFT linked to a unique gastronomic, oenological and artistic experience

Posted on November 2, 2021

The NFT, named ‘CIAO BELLA!’ offer 30 guests an unforgettable experience including a dinner signed by renowned Michelin starred chefs, raging drinks, luxury ingredients and unique digital art; at the Bella Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai, on the occasion of the 12th World Summit of Italian Food and Wines.

Dubai: Promoted in collaboration with the ‘CIAO BELLA!’ NFT was issued by IWCB®, the first token fully backed by rare and investment grade Italian grapes, based in Hong Kong but with its technological heart in Dubai (

The dinner will be hosted at Bella Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai by Chef Alessandro Miceli at 7:30 p.m. on November 8, 2021; with the presence of special guest Anna Paclet from Italian Wine Crypto Bank. The dinner will be signed by Michelin-starred chefs from Italy:

  • Heinz Beck, La Pergola – Waldorf Astoria, Rome
  • Max Mascia, San Domenico, Imola
  • Marco Bottega, Aminta, Genazzano, Rome
  • Sara Preceruti, Acquada Milano

Only 30 guests will be part of the exclusive ‘CIAO BELLA!’ NFT Experience, and the artistic evening menu; created live on site by the famous Dutch artist DamaIn and signed by the master cooks and winegrowers; will be destroyed in the presence of the guests, with a flambé made from a rare old Italian brandy, transforming it into a collectible digital masterpiece, available only as an NFT. The destruction of the original physical artwork, as part of the NFT creation, has been applied to the work of prominent artists such as Banksy (Burnt Banksy), in the past.

“It is no coincidence that the ‘CIAO BELLA!’ NFT is issued in Dubai, a city that is playing a decisive leadership role in the global digital transformation, embracing blockchain and digital assets, ”said Ciro Arianna, co-founder and CEO of ColossalBit. “As with our previous purchase of the world’s first NFT augmented reality mural ‘Future NFT Dubai’, we believe in the potential of this industry and we are working to enable companies to embrace NFTs and position Dubai as a leader in this space ”.

The 30 NFT buyers, who will enjoy this unique dining and aesthetic experience, will also be entitled to additional perks, including a Bella Privilege Card – with discounts of up to 20% at the Bella Restaurant; a 20% discount on any purchase of Borbone coffee and equipment; IWB tokens worth 250 USD (; a 20% discount on De Luca Taylors products; a 25% discount on the price of the next NFT Bella Experience dinner, to be held within 4 months; and a 50% discount on the next NFT Bella Experience dinner. (no TVN included).

IWCB is proud to publish the world’s first NFT-related gastronomic, oenological and artistic experience, to commemorate the 12th World Summit of Italian Food and Wine. The collaboration with ColossalBit Management Consultancies is focused on empowering the exceptional talents who have agreed to be a part of this global event, and creating a truly exceptional and exclusive experience for the 30 lucky guests.

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