Digital asset investor Justin Obida and his reunited Crypto Money team have taken the blockchain industry by storm – Casey Weekly

He has excelled in this field and disseminates his knowledge by educating young people extensively.

Investing in digital assets was a new term for Justin when he started in 2017. He was drawn to blockchain technology, as were others who were drawn to the gold rush of the late 2000s and clung to it. His good friend Thomas from Japan called him one day to ask if he was interested in making money because there is something new in the market called cryptocurrency and ICO. Since this was a relatively new field, Justin didn’t pay much attention to his advice to invest in a project at the time called NEO, which accepted token sales for his ICO. Although he did not make the investment, he began to research the subject further by watching videos that Thomas had sent him. Soon after, he decided he wanted to dive deep into cryptocurrency trading and come out victorious.

The first few days were tough because apart from his friend Thomas and a few virtual trainers on YouTube, there was no one to point out the right path to use this new technology called blockchain and it ruined his debut. To further his knowledge, he created a group of people who were familiar with cryptocurrency trading and investing and who were smart traders back then. It helped him a lot and he got some positive results. The group expanded to over 100 users who were deep in the crypto industry and knew the details of the business.

Justin disseminates his knowledge of blockchain technology through appropriate educational channels. He says he wants to help the country’s youth gain financial freedom through his innovative trading and investing methods. “I firmly believe that I have been sent by God to lead the present generation to help them have a better life and future as others glorify their professions, I try to make a conscious effort to bring together new investors in the blockchain space.

Justin travels the world to spread the message of financial freedom and educate people to learn technology and break free from the shackles of financial constraints and he is indeed successful in his endeavors in a huge way.

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