BVNK aims to be a crypto bank in everything but name

BVNK, a new digital asset platform, has started its operations, targeting companies that seek exposure to cryptocurrency but are not well served by existing crypto providers.

The London-based company describes itself as a “digital asset financial services platform”. It plans to appeal to FinTech companies, business service providers, wealth managers and private banks who want to offer digital asset services to their clients, especially those between the retail and market markets. multi-million dollar institutional markets.

“BVNK aims to fill this gap in the mid-market and become the go-to choice among fast-growing international companies and partners for digital asset financial services,” said co-founder and CEO Jesse Hemson-Struthers.

“There is a clear appetite among midsize companies for financial services rooted in the cryptocurrency world. However, it will take time before traditional banks integrate digital assets. “

There is a clue in the name: BVNK, with a “V” replacing an “A” backwards.

The platform will provide a professional account for crypto settlement, exchange and payment, market access for high volume transactions and a yield service where funds are deployed to brokers to earn interest.

BVNK’s immediate goal at launch is to develop the functionality of its products and acquire operating licenses from regulatory bodies across Europe.

Hemson-Struthers, who identifies himself as an entrepreneur and investor on his LinkedIn page, was the founder of Balfour Group, an investment vehicle for start-up technology companies, and of CoinDirect, a payment and commerce services provider of over the counter, where he was also CEO.

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