Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference Meets at UW for Fifth Year

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Wyoming blockchain rout. The week’s lineup begins on Wednesday and includes speakers and panels that explore the future of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Steve Lupien is with the University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation. He said the center is expanding its offices to accommodate university-led projects around digital assets, increasing by more than 900 square feet.

“Information is readily available to us. What we need to teach more is critical thinking and how to use the information we have,” he said.

Lupien said there are many ways for young professionals to get involved with digital assets and use blockchain to build products, and the week’s lineup will include presentations from business owners involved in the blockchain.

“University of Wyoming IMPACT 307 is hosting a blockchain business competition, in which companies and students will pitch their business ideas and a significant prize pool. We have $25,000 for prize money for this event alone,” he said.

Lupien said the foundational undergraduate blockchain course has about 64 UW students currently enrolled and expects interest to continue to grow.

The Wyo Hackathon is also part of the program of the week. A series of challenges for professionals interested in using blockchain to solve problems. The winners will be announced on September 23.

The Wyoming Cybersecurity Conference will be held this Saturday where attendees will discuss topics involving digital identities and end with a Chancey Williams Free Concert at the War Memorial Fieldhouse.