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Bitcoin, the popular digital currency, has recently suffered a major blow and we don’t know how much of a recovery it will take.

Trusted digital money sites for the Bitcoin Index – including CoinDesk and CryptoCompare – show that a solitary Bitcoin is currently valued at less than $4,000 and has been hovering around the $3,700 check for many hours now. This is the least bitcoin esteem has had in weeks. In fact, on September 4, Bitcoin’s esteem surpassed the $5,000 stamp for the first time. Either way, he had a crazy time from then on.

Digital cash is very popular in the market these days

Just one day after Bitcoin surged above $5,000, China banned the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). An ICO functions comparatively to some extent like an initial public offering (IPO), except for organizations rather than stocks that offer a specific number of digital silver tokens. Lately, a ton of organizations have started using ICOs to raise funds. Before this late spring, a startup called Bancor raised $153 million on Ethereum in less than three hours of its ICO, making it the biggest token deal ever. ICO even beat out other crowdfunding strategies and investments to be substantially the best approach to increasing reserves.

In any case, China’s restriction on ICOs caused the crypto money market to explode. After growing 800% in the first half of 2017, the digital currency storefront lost billions of dollars. As the market recovered from this blow, China felt free to restrict Bitcoin and other digital currency transactions in the country.

However, that was not it. Bitcoin also took a heavy hit from JP Morgan Chase and Co CEO Jamie Dimon who called Bitcoin a cheat and that it will explode soon.

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