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UK financial specialists Polar Mortgages are expanding their service to match borrowers with “bad credit” with lenders so they can mortgage. refinance or release the equity in their home.

London-based mortgage broker Polar Mortgages has announced the expansion of its refinancing equity mortgage research services, linking a variety of financing products to clients traditionally overlooked by mortgage lenders. The company offers financial solutions for people with bad credit, people over 55, bankrupt and applicants looking to remortgage an existing property to free up equity or get a lower rate.

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Polar Mortgages seeks to help a wider range of people successfully finance or refinance real estate by allowing clients to benefit from their expertise in the subprime mortgage market and their in-depth knowledge of lender criteria.

Lenders currently on their “Bad Credit” panel include many banks and building societies such as Santander, RBS, Woolwich, Yorkshire Building Society, Britannia, Halifax, Nationwide and NatWest.

Customers with poor credit, bankruptcy provisions or county court judgments are frequently turned down when they apply for mortgage products directly from the lender. Polar Mortgages’ team of impartial experts can help clients with unique needs access financing, by assessing the circumstances and developing appropriate options.

Those looking to refinance a property or take out a mortgage can fill out an online form and the Polar Mortgage team will find the best product available. Customers can speak to a trained team member at any time with no obligation to continue. If customers wish to request a product on their own, the Polar team will complete the paperwork and process the request on their behalf.

Polar Mortgages is a UK online remortgage broker that matches UK lenders with borrowers who have less than optimal credit needs or specific financing needs. Their team of experts can help applicants acquire a mortgage, find a mortgage product that is cheaper than the one they currently have, or free up equity for home improvements. The company specializes in mortgages that finance bathroom or kitchen renovations, home extensions and other related projects.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Remortgage with bad credit is probably easier than you think. To use an old English proverb, “When there is a will, there is a way”. We would like to put you on the right track to successfully remortgage your property for home improvements or to benefit from unrealized equity.

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Name: Neil Bryant
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Organization: Polar Mortgages
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street West End, London, England WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom
Phone: + 44-20-3129-4573

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