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HANOI, Vietnam, December 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wepay Technology Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) – The developer of the decentralized financial ecosystem announced a limited testing of the VPay functionality on the VNDT app, allowing users to sell VNDT digital assets for real-time cash. Before purchasing Legal Dong, hundreds of thousands of web and app sellers accept online payments through the portal. The “double” chain of transactions that sell digital assets to buy goods is automatically matched and completed in seconds; In addition, users can swap other types of digital assets such as ETH or USDT into assets. VNDT’s assets existed prior to the transaction. This pilot program aims to identify the best approaches to bring Blockchain technology and the Crypto world closer to the real world while strictly respecting the regulation of digital assets (Token or Coin), there must be a method of payment in Vietnam.

VNDT is a type of digital asset (Crypto Digital Asset) stored as a token on the Blockchain platform; it is not a virtual currency or a means of payment. Its value is $ 1,000 in fiat currency, which buys 1,000 units of the VNDT digital asset, and it does not fluctuate over time. Crypto environment users can trade VNDT digital assets for other types of digital assets through the VNDT mobile app, available for iOS and Android downloads, or transfer to each other through the wallet address VNDT on popular Blockchain networks such as ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, and so on.

A limited number of users participating in this pilot program can connect VNDT digital assets to the real world in three simple steps using the experimental VPay feature with

Step 1: Select a merchant’s website / app that accepts online payments through payment gateway to purchase goods or services. Step 2: Select the “Sell digital assets in VNDT, then buy goods” method. Step 3: Launch the VNDT app and scan the QR code provided by to make a ‘double’ transaction: sell VNDT digital assets for VND fiat currency to buy goods in seconds.

Since VNDT is a digital asset rather than a payment method, a VPay test transaction will consist of two separate transactions (“double” transactions) executed sequentially:

Transaction 1: sale of assets in VND in order to receive the equivalent amount in fiat currency. Transaction 2: The legal Dong amount is then transferred to the seller’s online payment account at, and the seller’s Web / App sales are immediately notified of a successful purchase through the API.

Other types of digital assets, such as USDT, ETH or BNB …, can be “loaded” into the VNDT app and then converted to VNDT digital assets before using the VPay trial function. Due to the “double” transaction process described above, this is the first time that owners of VNDT digital assets, in particular, and other digital assets in general, have been able to connect with hundreds of thousands of real world sellers via Vietnam’s largest payment. gateway, with a history of over 12 years, but there is a limit to the number of users who can participate in the pilot program.

If this pilot program is successful, it will usher in a new era of bringing together the benefits of Blockchain technology and the world of crypto, rather than just being an investment channel with high risk and high returns.

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