Amendaex Cold / Hot Wallet provides comprehensive protection for customers’ digital assets

/ EIN News / – NEW YORK, Aug. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently, the Amendaex platform announced the launch of its exchange wallet, supporting both cold and hot wallets.

More and more investment funds, venture capitalists and other investment institutions and individual investors are getting involved in blockchain investments. The advantage of the Amendaex exchange wallet is that the transactions are very easy, they can be done directly without any special transfer step and they are very secure.

Amendaex offers a “wallet on chain” which is a cold wallet. Users just need to open the wallet feature on the Amendaex mobile app to use it. This wallet supports separate address codes, user keeps their own private key, and also supports functions like mnimage, receive money, transfer money and save.

Feature 1: “Fully functional”, users do not need to log into their Amendaex account to use the wallet.

Feature 2: A multi-functional calculator is supported, which makes it easy to calculate yields, target prices and strong pairs. The calculator also supports a number of special parameters: for example, contract negotiation. Calculating returns can be a headache due to leverage, fees, etc., and this calculator is the perfect solution to that problem. User sets “leverage multiple”, “open price”, “close price”, “quantity”, then click “calculate” and directly receives a variety of payload including margin , profits, yield, commission, etc.

Amendaex has very low commission rates, a wide range of contracts to trade, low leverage, great customer service, and useful tools such as a trading calculator. This is why Amendaex has a large and loyal user base in the Asia-Pacific region. Overall, Amendaex has gained a large number of users as an international digital asset exchange due to its unique advantages.

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