20 people arrested in crypto money laundering syndicate QQAAZZ: Europol

Law enforcement agencies in Australia, the United States and Europe have arrested around 20 people suspected of being members of a gang accused of carrying out an international money laundering program involving BTC.

The suspected crooks are said to be part of a gang known as QQAAZZ, which is believed to be involved in extensive money laundering efforts through BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

The group has reportedly laundered tens of millions of euros on behalf of organized crime groups, with cryptocurrency at the top of their laundering strategies, according to the European law enforcement agency. Europol.

Members of the crime syndicate have been implicated in laundering funds obtained from victims in the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy, according to details of an indictment in the United States.

The group is linked to Russian rapper Maksim Boiko, who was arrested by authorities in April for his involvement in their crimes. Identified following an ineffective crypto dismantling, Boiko has been accused by authorities of conspiracy to commit money laundering because of his role in the union.

Authorities became suspicious when Boiko attempted to enter the United States with $ 20,000 in cash. Then they discovered footage on his phone showing him with large amounts of money dating back several years, which he later claimed to have obtained through rental income and BTC speculation.

Although Boiko is not specifically named in the latest indictment, around 20 people are charged with money laundering offenses and subject to forfeiture requirements. Law enforcement officials also seized BTC mining equipment as part of their investigations.

The case is the latest example of criminal groups turning to cryptocurrencies like BTC in order to launder money or cover traces of their crimes.

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